Water industry

Water industry

The company Umax Trade GmbH provides services for the selection and supply of a wide range of equipment and dredgers for water management of a well-known European manufacturer, such as Royal IHC (Netherlands).

The company Umax Trade GmbH strives to create long-term, effective business relationships with its partners and planned sales of products. Its advantages include extensive experience in the Turkmen market, reliable logistics with delivery of goods as soon as possible, as well as providing competent advice.


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Royal IHC (Netherlands) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of special dredging vessels, with valuable knowledge and rich experience in the water sector.
Royal IHC manufactures dredgers for both marine and inland waters. By drive type – diesel, diesel generator and electric. Royal IHC dredgers are used in dredging, dam and dam uplift, land and island reclamation, river and canal expansion, sand extraction, mining, and more.
The company employs about 3 thousand employees in the Netherlands, Brazil, China, Croatia, France, India, Malaysia, the Middle East, Nigeria, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Great Britain and the USA.
Royal IHC is a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment. The company's vessels operate all over the world, including self-propelled self-moved dredgers, multi-bucket dredgers, clamshell dredgers with free suction (hydraulic washing), rotary ripper, milling ripper and others.

MTI Holland - is an IHC research institute.
A systematic approach is required to select the dredger that is optimal for each situation in terms of performance, power and economy, and it is for this purpose that MTI Holland, an IHC research institute, has developed a database-driven system.
It is very important to plan any dredging project ahead of time, keeping in mind the good old Dutch proverb: gissen is missen, meten is weten («To guess - to miscalculate, to measure - to know» )... Even for small projects it is important to conduct proper survey of the area for dredging works and arrange proper preparation of the project, because only this can minimize the possibility of failure.
Proper project planning and a systematic approach to the selection of dredging equipment methods are essential to the implementation of any project.

The company Umax, together with specialists from Royal IHC, organizes specialized training courses for service engineers, operators and dredger captains both in the client's country and at the manufacturer's training centers.

You will gain knowledge on the operation of the dredger, its maintenance and control on the simulator. The training is carried out by highly qualified specialists with rich experience.

Depending on the specific requirements of the customers, dredgers can be built according to standard designs or according to individual orders.


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Depending on the specific requirements of the customers, dredgers can be built according to standard designs or according to individual orders.




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