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One of the activities of Umax Trade GmbH in agriculture is the presentation and sale of plant protection products, fertilizers, agrochemicals, field and vegetable seeds, pheromone traps, and plant growth stimulants on the market.

The supply of new innovative products that contribute to higher yields, the quality of crops grown and the preservation of the ecological situation is one of the main rules of our company. This determines our cooperation with such global manufacturers as BASF (Germany), Bayer (Germany), Syngenta (Switzerland), FMC (USA), which, as a result of large-scale research, create products based on the latest scientific achievements and develop comprehensive programs for professional plant protection.


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We have been supplying environmentally friendly plant protection products such as pheromone traps to Turkmenistan for over 10 years. Pheromone traps against the cotton pest - cotton bollworms, supplied both to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan and to farms and private agricultural producers, in order to monitor the number of the pest and mass capture, have shown their high efficiency.
Being in constant contact with agricultural producers and closely cooperating with the world's leading manufacturers, we are interested in the supply of new and highly profitable plant protection products in order to conduct experimental tests for their subsequent registration with the State Plant Protection Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan.


Obtaining high and stable yields of agricultural crops is ensured by the quality and reliability of seeds, the competent selection of which requires a lot of experience and market knowledge.
Since 2017, we have experience in supplying vegetable seeds for farms and private producers.
In 2020, our company supplied high-quality seeds of field crop hybrids (sunflower, corn), which passed successful pilot production tests in the leading farms of the country. With the growth of greenhouses, the need for quality seeds increases. Therefore, it is planned to expand the direction for the supply of seeds from the best producers. For the proper selection, the company constantly cooperates with the State Service for Seed Production and Variety Testing of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan. All hybrid seeds we offer have been tested and included in the Register of Turkmenistan.

Today the increasing role of mechanized irrigation in the agricultural sector is noted in the world, due to the limitation of the use of water resources, soil conservation and the improvement of agronomic practices.
Increasing the allocation of areas for agricultural crops requires the use of wide-coverage sprinklers and traditional irrigation methods (canals, irrigation ditches, flooding) are ineffective. Since 2013, we have been supplying water-saving irrigation equipment of Valmont company, USA (under the Valley Irrigation brand), which has entrusted us with the exclusive right to represent its interests in Turkmenistan.
Cooperation with Valmont, a world leader in precision irrigation, allows us to successfully find unique solutions to the problems of water resources management: irrigation of an area of any configuration, remote access and control of irrigation machines using smart panels, monitoring the real state of moisture in the soil and weather conditions.


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 Employees of Umax Trade GmbH and the Economic Society «Erdem» together with Valmont specialists, conduct visits to farms, to private producers for advice on the operation of sprinkler systems and presentations of new products in irrigation technology. The task of our company is to provide high-quality, efficient solutions and services so that the agricultural producer not only receives high yields of good quality, but also records an increase in profitability due to the rational use of water resources, the use of new innovative products and cost-effective technologies.



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