Creation of new business projects

One of the activities of Umax Trade GmbH is the creation of business projects involving the Customer's specialists, potential manufacturers of main and auxiliary equipment, engineering companies, financial and credit structures, insurance agencies, etc.




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Currently, the company is actively involved in preparatory work on the project for the renovation of water facilities in Turkmenistan. Based on the Program for the Development of Agriculture and Water Resources of Turkmenistan for the period 2019-2024, specific types of work were identified, including the construction of new and reconstruction of existing facilities of the State Committee for Water Resources, the supply of machines and mechanisms for various purposes, material and technical resources necessary for normal operation of water facilities of the country. A preliminary agreement was reached for the supply of a large batch of CLAAS agricultural machinery to private farmers with the organization of an external long-term loan.

Taking into account the accumulated many years of positive experience in organizing the supply of agricultural and dredging  equipment to Turkmenistan from leading European manufacturers for the system of agriculture and water management, the company plans to expand the geography of its activities. To implement their plans, the company's specialists conduct a deep analysis of the state of the agricultural sector of the economy of the country in which it is planned to carry out its activities, its provision with agricultural equipment, machines and mechanisms, irrigation water, mineral fertilizers, plant protection products, etc. Based on the conducted analyses a project and a decision is made to create a branch or a dealership in a particular country, whose task is to provide warranty and post-warranty service for the supplied equipment, supply of spare parts, lubricants and other consumables.


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Logistics issues are being developed – the choice of the type of vehicles, the determination of routes for the delivery of goods, the optimal packaging of goods in containers, the determination of the optimal placement in warehouses, storage and shipment of goods, the formation of orders, placement of stocks, the main import positions, as well as the opening of logistics centers and service areas in the regions. Risk issues are investigated: political, economic, natural, factors that attract the attention of investors, such as a quick return on investments, an available labor force, duty-free trade, the adoption of technology and knowledge from global brands, the safety of doing business. We study the documents necessary for the export of goods to this country, re-export and the country's legislation for re-export, the possibility of selling used equipment, customs restrictions and customs tariffs, the country's customs code in general. The visa regime of the country, the type of visas, documents required for obtaining visas are also being studied. The existing projects in the countries of the region in the areas of interest,  the sales strategy - private sales, government sales, are being studied, the issues of competition are being considered.


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