Export financing

Exporters are constantly living with new and annoying risks. Political changes, inflation, amazing foreign exchange regulations, customs duties, epidemics and natural disasters. To avoid non-payment, Fa.UMAX works with a wide range of export financial instruments from reputable financial institutions. In the form of buyer loans and forfeiting, letters of credit and bank guarantees, as well as other foreign exchange transactions.









In the provision of export credit coverage, the risk of non-payment is largely transferred from the exporter or financing bank to the country. For this, the policyholders pay a premium commensurate with the risk (premium).
Another way to cover risks in international business is to issue a guarantee.
Conventional banking in cross-border trade is negotiated on a contractual basis. Thanks to our solid assets and secured liquidity, we are able to issue bank guarantees at any level.
Another way to hedge risks in international business is to issue a letter of credit (letter of credit). 
By means of a letter of credit, the importer's bank makes an abstract promise to the exporter to make payment. This means that the client's bank has an obligation instead of the client. The bank transfers the agreed amount as soon as it has correctly received the documents agreed in the letter of credit and all their conditions are met.


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UMAX Trade GmbH has good connections with leading European ECAs, has a significant track record and successfully handles large transactions with ECA coverage. To do this, we have an experienced team of export finance experts, support our clients in the form of expert advice and assistance in the execution of contracts.


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