After-sales service of machinery

The sale of equipment is part of the services provided by UMAX Trade GmbH. The focus of our attention is always on the client and his needs.

For the implementation of after-sales services for the purpose of timely and high-quality technical assistance, the service partner ES «Erdem» established Service Centers in the cities of Turkmenabat, Dashoguz, Mary, Tejen, Serdar, as well as in the capital of the state in the city of Ashgabat.


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Service centers


Experienced mechanics

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The mechanics of the Service Centers are provided with off-road vehicles, the necessary set of special tools, a set of PLC software for the serviced equipment, communication means, through which, right on the field, mechanics and service center engineers, if necessary, online receive comprehensive recommendations for elimination of the arisen malfunction.
The company constantly monitors the issue of professional development of specialists. Engineers and mechanics of the Service Centers regularly undergo training both locally with the involvement of specialists from manufacturing plants, and with travel abroad on the basis of training centers of Suppliers of agricultural machinery. 
All service centers are equipped in accordance with all technical standards, there are special hangars for the repair and diagnostics of various equipment, there is a set of tools designed to work in the workshop, as well as various equipment required for repair work. Each service area has its own warehouse, where spare parts are stored intended for warranty, reclamation equipment, as well as internal needs.
Also, for work at high standards, there is an accounting system for all warranty and claim applications. The information is processed in all regions by office managers, which allows to quickly and efficiently create an order for specific equipment and then track the entire path, from ordering to installing a specific spare part. 


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Service centers include spacious hangars for repair and maintenance of equipment and warehouses for spare parts and consumables, equipped in accordance with modern standards and requirements. A well-established system of accounting for warranty, claim and operational claims allows you to track the entire process from placing an order to replacing a defective part.





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